Love & Relationship Consultation

Love & Relationship Consultation

The love & relationship tarot aims to solve all types of issues related with all sorts of romantic blockages. Whether you are single, or in relationship you will get all types of answers.
When you will find the right person? Have you found your soulmate? Are you going through hard time managing your relationship? Is there is an extramarital affair? Will your girlfriend or boyfriend will talk to you?
Are you going through a breakup? Does the other person love you? Is he/she being right for you?
This reading will help you navigate your love life and will help you find the love of your life, and all the doubts you have regarding your relationships.

30 Minutes

₹ 1500 | $30

45 Minutes

₹ 2100 | $50

60 Minutes

₹ 3500 | $65