Know About Krutika

My Journey - Being born in the Vedic household, I am very close to the spiritual aspect of life, since childhood I am more drawn towards how planets, energies leave an impact on how we behave react and work towards our goal. And hence understand & believe that right thing at right place give balance required for productive & happy working conditions & for harmony of mind body & soul.

Having being able to connect to the Tarot cards, I would like to unlock the obstacles, the root causes of the problems that you are facing and ensure to provide a customized remedial solution to achieve the desired results.

Its been more than 2 decades to be involved in various means of consultation services like Tarot card reading, Angel reading, Astrology solutions, Numerological analysis & Vastu Consultancy. Having completed MD in Alternative medicines opens a medium for healing & aligning the chakras and balancing the Aura.

An Interior Designer, who understand the need of proper planning in the residential areas as well as commercial space to provide a functional an aesthetical design to the client. And thus, adding the cosmological combinations of energy and space planning gives the Vastu space well balanced environment to get the positive result for health, wealth & Happiness of all the beings residing in the space for their overall success in personal, professional & spiritual growth.

I can be reached on various social media platforms, and regularly shares valuable information on Facebook & Instagram.