Pritha Guha -

    I took one 40 min session with her for tarrot and horoscope. Things i liked:- 1. She is very adjusting in nature as i myself failed to keep on the slots she gave. 2. Patient in listening. 3. She will ask you to give her three questions but if u have more queries she wont stop you. 4. Her remedies are not expensive. I am yet to reap the benefits or get to the conclusion of how these remedies work , having said that she is a wonderful and positive person to connect with.

    Pooja -

    She ensure you feel better about your situation. She’s a very nice person which will makes it so much more better.


    Krutika is very knowledgeable in her subject. I went to meet her for tarot reading. She not only did reading but also told me very easy remedies. My life has changed in a good way after her session. She is great also as a person. Highly recommended !!!

    Mrs. Supekar -

    Tremendous knowledge on the subject and extremely matured on interpretations. Approached many but never came across anyone better. Highly recommended!!!!!

    Ritesh Hardikar -

    It was a really helpful session I had with her and I highly recommend others to take benefits of from the same . She is very qualified for this and can guide you compassionately. Thank you madam for your guidance.