About Krutika

My Journey - being born in the Vedic household, I am very close to the spiritual aspect of life, since childhood I am more drawn towards how planets, energies leave an impact on how we behave react and work towards our goal. And hence understand & believe that right thing at right place give balance required for productive & happy working conditions & for harmony of mind body & soul.

Its been more than 2 decades to be involved in various means of consultation services. Having completed MD in Alternative medicines opens a medium for healing & aligning the chakras and balancing the Aura.

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Our Services

Marriage Consultation

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Love & Relationship Consultation

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Career Consultation

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Money & Business Consultation

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Vastu Consultation

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Why Choose Us

24x7, 365 days Availability

Instant Access worldwide

Accurate Remedial solutions

Easy & coustomise remediess

Privacy Guaranteed

Help you in reaching desired result

Daily Planetary Overview

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